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Interview with Oto Mayumi, the half Italian/Japanese singer

From Vintage Inspirations to a Global Audience: discover Oto Mayumi’s Melodic Journey in J-POP.

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In a recent exclusive interview on the J-POP streaming show, Oto Mayumi, a talented artist of Italian and Japanese heritage, shared insights into her musical journey. Despite language barriers, with the help of her friend and translator, Lavinia, Mayumi‘s passion for music transcended words.

Mayumi, who embarked on her solo career in 2021/2022, has already made significant strides with her first solo album, Good and Bad Shades released on December 1st, 2023. This album marks a significant milestone following her collaborations with independent artists. Her unique blend of influences and dedication to her craft has led to the creation of an album that resonates deeply with her audience.

Interestingly, Mayumi has some cover songs on her YouTube channel, exclusive to that platform and not featured in her album. This strategic choice showcases her versatility as an artist and her understanding of the digital landscape in music.

The quality of her music is immediately striking, as evidenced by her song’s inclusion in the J-POP streaming playlist. Mayumi credits her success to her producer, who not only ensures high-quality production but also respects her artistic vision.

When discussing her musical inspirations, Mayumi cites Vocaloid and Anisong artists as her primary influences. However, she also draws inspiration from iconic Japanese singers and songwriters like Yuki (Judy and Mary), and Sheena Ringo (Tokyo Incidents). Her affinity for these artists, especially Judy and Mary, a band that peaked over two decades ago, highlights her deep connection with the vintage Japanese pop sound.

Mayumi‘s musical taste extends beyond Japanese borders, demonstrating her affinity with her Italian heritage by expressing admiration for Måneskin, a globally recognized Italian band. This eclectic mix of influences is reflected in her music, which combines traditional Japanese rock and pop elements with a touch of Western flair.

Her album has received positive reactions worldwide, particularly in South America, Taiwan, Germany, and Poland. While Japanese audiences have been more reserved, their engagement with her music on streaming platforms like Spotify indicates a growing interest.

Looking forward, Mayumi plans to perform live concerts in Japan and is already contemplating her next musical project, which could be either an album or an EP. This commitment to her art and her fans promises a bright future for this rising star in the J-POP world.



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