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Daigo Naitō: The Multifaceted Icon of Japanese Entertainment

From DAIGO☆STARDUST to Breakerz: Tracing the Diverse Career of a Rockstar, Actor, and Voice Talent.

Every month, we have the delightful opportunity to share our passion for Japanese music on the French radio show MUTEKI. During our recent invitation, we embraced the challenge of selecting a song from the year 2003. Our choice? “Eien no Space Cowboy” by Daigo Stardust. This particular selection has opened a window for us to delve deeper into the intriguing and multifaceted world of Daigo Naitō, a prominent figure in the Japanese entertainment industry, known for his captivating stage presence and artistic versatility. Join us as we explore the journey of this remarkable artist, from his early days as Daigo Stardust to his evolving career in music and beyond.

Daigo Naitō, formerly known as Daigo Stardust, is a multifaceted Japanese artist with a career spanning singing, songwriting, acting, and voice acting. Born on April 8, 1978, in Tokyo, Japan, he started his career in music and rose to prominence under the stage name “DAIGO☆STARDUST,” debuting on July 21, 2003. This name was inspired by David Bowie‘s Ziggy Stardust persona. His style during this phase of his career was characterized by rock music, and he released several albums as DAIGO☆STARDUST, including “MARIA,” “Eien no Space Cowboy,” “ROCK THE PLANET,” “Daisy / SUMMER ROSE,” “SCAPEGOAT,” and “SUPERJOY.”

Beyond his music career, Daigo has an impressive portfolio in acting and voice acting. He is best known for his role as Yukichi Oishi in the TV series “Love Shuffle.” He has also played roles in various films, dramas, anime, and has done voice dubbing for foreign films. His involvement in the entertainment industry is extensive, as he has appeared in numerous TV shows and specials.

In 2007, Daigo formed the rock band Breakerz, continuing to showcase his musical talents. He pursued a solo project in 2013, eventually dropping the “Stardust” pseudonym. His personal life is also notable, as he is the grandson of former Japanese Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita and married Keiko Kitagawa, an actress known for her role in the live-action series “Sailor Moon.”

Daigo‘s influence extends into other sectors of the Japanese entertainment industry, where he has actively pursued roles in feature films and TV series. His performance as Shougo Sena in the live-action film adaptation of the BL manga “Love Stage!!” has been particularly notable, with his elder sister, Eiki Eiki, being the author of the manga. Daigo also voiced the character Shougo Sena in the anime adaptation of “Love Stage!!“.

Daigo‘s career is a testament to his versatility and influence in the Japanese entertainment industry, making him a prominent figure not just in music but also in acting and voice acting.