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Discover 230 New Japanese Music Releases: 2024, Week 18

Unleash the Beats: Dive into 230 New Tracks from Week 18 of 2024, Celebrating the Rich Diversity of Modern Japanese Music, Available Worldwide on Spotify!

This week, get ready to explore an exciting mix of J-Pop, J-Rock, Anisong, and more, with 230 new tracks now available for streaming on Spotify. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Japanese music, our curated playlist is sure to surprise and delight you with fresh sounds and vibrant beats from some of the top artists and rising stars in the scene.

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Featuring Artists Like:

  • Aimyon – Her soulful lyrics and melodies continue to captivate hearts.
  • LANA – Dive into LANA’s latest electrifying tracks.
  • MAISONdes – Experience their unique blend of style and music.
  • WurtS – Catch the latest beats from the always innovative WurtS.
  • Masanori Otoda – Feel the depth of emotions in his new ballads.
  • QUEEN BEE – Get stung by their latest, powerful tracks.
  • LEX – Groove to the fresh hip-hop vibes from LEX.
  • Noriyuki Makihara – Soak in the soothing melodies.
  • HY – Enjoy the dynamic energy of HY’s latest offerings.
  • maeshima soshi – Discover the enchanting sounds of maeshima soshi.
  • STUTS – Tune into STUTS’ meticulously crafted beats.

And many more…

Don’t miss out on tracks from emerging talents like Yvng Patra, r-906, and Linobu, gai seki, who are set to make waves in the coming months!