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Naniwa Danshi Releases “Alpha,” Lead Track from Their Third Album

Naniwa Danshi drops “Alpha,” lead track from their third album “+ Alpha,” streaming now. Enjoy upbeat tunes, a sleek music video, and exclusive album content.

Naniwa Danshi returns with a bang in their latest release, “Alpha,” the lead track from their highly anticipated third studio album. This new song is now streaming exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Music. With its peppy and upbeat rhythm, the track delivers the unmistakable signature sound of the popular Japanese boy band, blending their youthful energy with a more refined, sophisticated image.

In the music video for “Alpha,” the seven-member group steps up their style, looking sleek in dark colors and ties against a nostalgic Hollywood office backdrop. Despite the mature aesthetic, the group’s vibrant and cheerful energy shines through, paying homage to the musicals of the 1930s. Fans will find familiar joy in this fun and engaging blend of the new and old.

Fans eagerly awaiting more music won’t have to wait long. The album, “+ Alpha,” will hit shelves on June 12th, featuring an array of fresh tracks, behind-the-scenes videos, and special bonuses available across three unique formats. As a global sensation, Naniwa Danshi continues to build anticipation with each new release.

In the meantime, fans can dive into Naniwa Danshi‘s previous digital hits and variety content on their official YouTube channel. The group also connects with fans worldwide through their social media platforms, offering exclusive glimpses into their lives and creative processes. Their engaging presence on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter makes it easy for followers to stay updated on all things Naniwa Danshi. For a comprehensive discography, the group’s Genius profile provides detailed information.

Explore Naniwa Danshi’s vibrant world and join the excitement surrounding their latest album by streaming “Alpha” and connecting with them online.