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Petit Brabancon Announces Overseas Ticket Sales for 2024 “BURST CITY” Tour

The band also confirms the upcoming release of their second EP, “Seven Garbage Born of Hatred.”

Petit Brabancon, a supergroup formed by veterans of Japan’s rock scene, has opened ticket sales for overseas fans for their 2024 tour, “BURST CITY.” The tour, set to promote their second EP “Seven Garbage Born of Hatred,” aims to attract a global audience with performances scheduled across Japan from September 5 to 21, 2024.

The band, comprising Kyo from Dir en grey and sukekiyo, yukihiro from L’Arc-en-Ciel and Acid Android, Miya from MUCC, antz from Tokyo Shoegazer, and Hirofumi Takamatsu from The Novembers, has rapidly gained recognition for their unique sound and intense live performances​. This diverse lineup brings together a rich tapestry of musical backgrounds, contributing to the band’s distinctive style that spans multiple genres.

Seven Garbage Born of Hatred,” set to release on August 7, 2024, promises to deliver seven new tracks that build on the band’s reputation for pushing musical boundaries. The EP diverges from the melancholic tones of their first album, “Fetish,” showcasing a more refined and aggressive sound inspired by their energetic live shows​.

Pre-save EP: https://orcd.co/dcca129

Fans interested in catching Petit Brabancon live can now purchase tickets for the “BURST CITY” tour. The band encourages their international fanbase to participate in what promises to be a compelling series of performances, marking another significant milestone in their evolving musical journey​​.

Purchase tickets: https://ib.eplus.jp/index.php?dispatch=tour_group.view&id=1655&time_key=1715142668&key=8625f0a0fca1c87d7be701294f8e6f46

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