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NEMOPHILA’s Third Album EVOLVE Drops Overseas with Exclusive Bonuses!

NEMOPHILA’s new album, EVOLVE, is launching internationally on July 5, 2024, via JPU Records. The release features exclusive bonuses, including live concert videos with English subtitles, making it a must-have for metal fans.

NEMOPHILA, Japan’s all-female metal band, is set to release their latest album, EVOLVE, internationally on July 5, 2024, via JPU Records. This album promises a collection of powerful riffs and compelling vocals that define NEMOPHILA‘s evolving sound.

The HYBRID bundle includes two on-demand concert videos with English subtitles: a two-hour anniversary set in Kobe and a performance from their first overseas tour at the House of Blues in San Diego.

Both the HYBRID bundle and the retail version feature a special edition CD with unique cover art, an additional booklet with English lyric translations, and romaji transliterations, allowing fans to fully engage with the music regardless of their Japanese proficiency.

EVOLVE offers a journey through metal, from the opener “Enigma” to the closing track “YELL ~locus~.” Each song highlights NEMOPHILA‘s raw talent and innovative approach to the genre, breaking new ground with every track.

The band, led by vocalist mayu, includes guitarists SAKI and Hazuki, bassist Haraguchi-San, and drummer Tamu Murata. Together, they create a distinct and powerful sound that commands attention.

With EVOLVE, NEMOPHILA solidifies their position in the global rock scene. The album’s melodies, solos, and rhythms showcase the band’s dedication to their craft.

NEMOPHILA, known for their high-energy performances and genre-blending sound, continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Led by mayu, this all-female group from Japan marks a significant milestone with their third album, EVOLVE.

Experience NEMOPHILA’s latest work with EVOLVE, an album that promises to be a pivotal moment in modern rock music.

Source: https://jpurecords.com/blogs/news/nemophila-third-album-evolve-drops-overseas-with-exclusive-bonuses