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Naomi Chiaki’s Music Now Available for Streaming on Her 55th Debut Anniversary

In celebration of Naomi Chiaki’s 55th anniversary since her debut on June 10th, her entire discography is now available on major streaming and download services, including Spotify, iTunes Store, and more.

Fans can now enjoy a comprehensive collection of Naomi Chiaki‘s music, ranging from her debut single “Ame ni Nureta Bojo” released on June 10, 1969, by Nippon Columbia, to her award-winning hit “Kassai,” which won the 14th Japan Record Award. The collection also includes popular singles from her Victor Entertainment period like “Hoshikage no Komichi,” albums such as “Time,” and hits from her Teichiku Records era like “Tasogare no Begin.” Additionally, live recordings including “Naomi Chiaki On Stage (Live)” and “VIRTUAL CONCERT 2003 Asahi no Ataru Ie” are now accessible for streaming.

This extensive release offers fans old and new an opportunity to experience the full range of Naomi Chiaki‘s musical career, highlighting her impact on the Japanese music scene.