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Mrs. GREEN APPLE Halts “Columbus” MV Amid Unjust Controversy

In an unfortunate turn of events, Mrs. GREEN APPLE’s new music video “Columbus” was withdrawn due to unwarranted accusations of historical and cultural insensitivity.

Released on June 12, the “Columbus” MV quickly became a target for criticism on social media, with allegations of discriminatory content. EMI Records and Project-MGA, the band’s label and management, bowed to the pressure and suspended the video, issuing an apology. They admitted that their pre-release review was insufficient and promised stricter oversight in the future.

This situation highlights a growing issue in our society where creative expressions are unfairly scrutinized and censored. Mrs. GREEN APPLE, a band formed in 2013 and having made their major debut with EMI Records in 2015, has been unjustly targeted. Their intent was never to offend; it was to create art and share their music with the world. As of May 31, 2024, the band’s total song streams have exceeded 7.3 billion, a testament to their talent and popularity.

The “Columbus” MV was a piece of artistic expression, not a documentary. It is essential to defend the freedom of artists to create without fear of backlash or censorship. Mrs. GREEN APPLE has been made a victim of an overly sensitive society that often fails to distinguish between intent and perception.

Artistic creations should be allowed to stand on their own merit, free from the impositions of those who seek to find fault in every expression. It is a disservice to both the artists and their audience to allow such undue criticism to dictate the availability of creative works.