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LOVEBITES Releases New EP and Live Album Capturing Raw Early Energy

LOVEBITES releases new EP “LOVEBITES EP II” and live album “MEMORIAL FOR THE WARRIOR SOULS” on August 28. Featuring their new bassist fami, the EP includes five fresh tracks. The live album offers a complete recording of their final tour performance.

LOVEBITES fans have much to celebrate with the simultaneous release of their new EP, “LOVEBITES EP II,” and live album “MEMORIAL FOR THE WARRIOR SOULS” on August 28. This marks a significant milestone for the band, as it is their first creation since original bassist miho’s departure and fami’s addition to the lineup.

LOVEBITES EP II” echoes the raw, unfiltered energy of their 2017 debut, “THE LOVEBITES EP.” This new release includes five tracks crafted from scratch by the revamped lineup, showcasing the unique blend of each member’s musical influences. Available in four editions, including three limited editions featuring various exclusive content, this EP promises to be a collector’s item. Limited Edition A is particularly noteworthy, offering a bonus CD with re-recorded tracks from the original EP, aptly titled “RE-LOVEBITES EP.”

Simultaneously, “MEMORIAL FOR THE WARRIOR SOULS” captures the electrifying atmosphere of their final tour performance at Showa Women’s University Hitomi Memorial Hall. The Blu-ray and DVD versions provide a fresh edit different from the live stream and include over an hour of documentary footage chronicling their tour across seven cities. Audio enthusiasts will appreciate the CD version’s mixing and mastering, handled by renowned engineers Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila at Finland’s prestigious Finnvox Studio.

This dual release is not only a testament to LOVEBITES‘ resilience and evolution but also a treat for fans eager to experience the band’s dynamic live performances and newly forged musical paths.


  1. Call for Justice / コール・フォー・ジャスティス
  2. We are the Resurrection / ウィ・アー・ザ・レザレクション
  3. Judgement Day / ジャッジメント・デイ
  4. When Destinies Align / ホエン・デスティニーズ・アライン
  5. My Orion / マイ・オライオン
  6. Signs of Deliverance / サインズ・オブ・デリヴァランス
  7. Rising / ライジング
  8. Dissonance / ディソナンス
  9. Above the Black Sea / アバヴ・ザ・ブラック・シー
  10. Piano Solo / ピアノ・ソロ
  11. Lost in the Garden / ロスト・イン・ザ・ガーデン
  12. Drum Solo / ドラム・ソロ
  13. Stand and Deliver (Shoot ’em Down) / スタンド・アンド・デリヴァー(シュート・エム・ダウン)
  14. Don’t Bite the Dust / ドント・バイト・ザ・ダスト
  15. M.D.O. / M.D.O.
  16. Edge of the World / エッジ・オブ・ザ・ワールド
  17. Soldier Stands Solitarily / ソルジャー・スタンズ・ソリタリリィ
  18. The Hammer of Wrath / ザ・ハマー・オブ・ラス
  19. We the United / ウィ・ザ・ユナイテッド
  20. Under the Red Sky / アンダー・ザ・レッド・スカイ
  21. Call for Justice (Reprise) / コール・フォー・ジャスティス(リプリーズ)
  22. End Credits / エンド・クレジッツ (Blu-ray / DVD only)

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