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BLANKEY JET CITY Launches YouTube Channel, Premieres Final Live Show

Iconic rock band BLANKEY JET CITY, disbanded in 2000, has launched an official YouTube channel. On July 9, they will premiere their last live performance “LAST DANCE” in HD for one night only, marking 24 years since their final show.

BLANKEY JET CITY, the renowned rock band formed in 1987 by Kenichi Asai (Vo, G), Toshiyuki Terui (B), and Tatsuya Nakamura (Dr), has officially launched a YouTube channel and an X (formerly Twitter) account today, July 2.

The band, which disbanded in 2000 after a farewell concert at Yokohama Arena and an appearance at the “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL,” continues to enjoy immense popularity across generations.

To mark the 24th anniversary of their final concert, the newly launched YouTube channel will premiere “LAST DANCE,” a video recording of their last performance, on July 9 at 20:00. This exclusive one-night event will feature the concert in newly upconverted Full HD, offering fans a rare opportunity to relive the band’s historic final show.

Source: https://natalie.mu/music/news/580493