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BE:FIRST Unveils Full Tracklist for 2nd Album “2:BE” Featuring Unit Songs

BE:FIRST has revealed the complete tracklist and credits for their upcoming 2nd album “2:BE,” set to release on August 28. The album comprises 16 tracks, including collaborations and new unit songs showcasing members’ contributions.

BE:FIRST, the rising star in the J-POP scene, is set to release their highly anticipated 2nd album, “2:BE,” on August 28. The album features a rich compilation of 16 tracks, blending previously released hits with fresh, new music that highlights the group’s versatility and collaborative spirit.

Among the highlights is the track “Hush-Hush,” a dynamic collaboration with the popular K-POP group ATEEZ, which was pre-released on July 1. Fans will also recognize familiar tunes such as “Boom Boom Back,” “Smile Again,” “Mainstream,” and “Masterplan.” Adding to the excitement are eight brand-new songs, including three unit tracks that showcase the individual talents of the BE:FIRST members.

Metamorphose,” performed by SHUNTO and RYUHEI, “Genesis,” featuring SOTA, JUNON, and LEO, and “Selfish,” a collaboration between MANATO and RYOKI, are the standout unit songs. These tracks not only highlight the members’ unique vocal and artistic styles but also their songwriting prowess, as their names appear prominently in the credits.

The album credits reveal significant contributions from the BE:FIRST members, alongside established artists and producers such as SKY-HI, Aile The Shota, and others. This collaborative effort underscores the group’s commitment to crafting a diverse and engaging musical experience for their fans.

Here is the complete tracklist for “2:BE“:

  1. Slogan
  2. Masterplan
  3. Boom Boom Back
  4. Guilty
  5. Sapphire
  6. Smile Again
  7. Grow Up
  8. Metamorphose
  9. Genesis
  10. Selfish
  11. Bump Around
  12. Hush-Hush (BE:FIRST X ATEEZ)
  13. BE:0 -interlude-
  14. Glorious
  15. Blissful
  16. Mainstream

With “2:BE,” BE:FIRST is set to solidify their position in the J-POP industry, delivering a blend of high-energy performances, heartfelt lyrics, and innovative musical arrangements. Fans eagerly await the album’s release, anticipating another milestone in the group’s evolving musical journey.