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Hinatazaka46 Dominates Billboard Japan with “Kimi wa Honeydew”

The idol group’s latest release secures the top spot in weekly single sales, showcasing their ongoing popularity.

Hinatazaka46‘s new single “Kimi wa Honeydew” has clinched the number one position on the Billboard Japan Top Singles Sales chart for the week of May 6 to May 12, 2024. The song sold an impressive 521,676 copies in its first week, according to data released on May 15. This marks the eleventh consecutive chart-topping debut for the group, solidifying their status as a dominant force in the J-pop scene.

Released on May 8, “Kimi wa Honeydew” swiftly took the lead in the sales count, initially tallying 470,586 units in just the first three days. Despite a slight dip from the previous release “Am I ready?” which sold 522,533 copies in July last year, the new single still performed exceptionally, adding an additional 51,090 copies in the latter half of the week.

The competition was stiff, with &TEAM’s first single “Samidare (Early Summer Rain)” entering the charts at second place with 440,615 sales. Following them were THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE with their 22nd single “CyberHelix,” which landed in third place with 85,059 units sold. ICEx’s third single “Virimi” and aiko’s 45th single “Soushisoai,” the theme song for the currently showing movie “Detective Conan: The $1 Million Pentagram,” rounded out the top five, selling 59,990 and 19,588 copies, respectively.

The chart reflects not only the sustained popularity of established acts like Hinatazaka46 but also highlights the dynamic and competitive nature of the Japanese music industry, where new and old talents continuously vie for the top spots.

Source: https://www.billboard-japan.com/d_news/detail/137560/