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Ayaka Releases Heartfelt New Song “Zutto Kimi To” Inspired by Pets

Ayaka’s latest single, “Zutto Kimi To,” will be available for streaming on May 29th. This touching song, created as the theme for Daio Paper’s “Elleair Pet Kimi Omoi,” reflects heartfelt messages from pet owners across Japan.

Japanese pop sensation Ayaka is set to release her new single, “Zutto Kimi To,” on May 29th. The song serves as the brand anthem for Daio Paper’s “Elleair Pet Kimi Omoi,” a campaign celebrating the special bond between pet owners and their beloved animals. Ayaka drew inspiration from messages shared by pet owners nationwide, expressing their deep affection for their pets.

Living with two dogs herself, Ayaka felt a personal connection to these messages. She explained:

“I’ve been with my dogs for 13 years, and they bring me so much love and comfort every day. This song was born while I was holding my dogs, Aoi and Laki, on my lap. Whether listening to it or singing it, you can feel their warmth.”

A music video featuring Ayaka and her two dogs will premiere on YouTube at 8:00 PM on the release day. Ayaka personally filmed the video, capturing intimate moments with her pets.

Additionally, “Zutto Kimi To” will debut on the FM802 show “THE NAKAJIMA HIROTO SHOW 802 RADIO MASTERS” today. The “Elleair Pet Kimi Omoi” campaign site also features a special commercial compiled from videos of dogs and cats submitted by owners nationwide. This heartwarming commercial will be aired on TV across Japan.

Ayaka’s lyrics reflect the mutual love between pets and their owners, written from both perspectives. She invites listeners to experience the song and feel the emotional connection she shares with her pets.

Watch the music video premiere on Youtube.

Source: https://natalie.mu/music/news/574029