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Rediscovering Ulfuls: An Analysis of “Sore ga Kotae da!” from Their Latest Live Album

As Ulfuls releases their live album from the 2000 Osaka concert on May 13, 2024, we take a deep dive into their spirited anthem “Sore ga Kotae da!” (“それが答えだ!”) This song encourages listeners to embrace their imperfections, live life fully, and move forward with resilience.

In the fast-paced modern world, finding time for self-reflection can be challenging. Ulfuls‘ song “Sore ga Kotae da!” (“それが答えだ!“) offers a refreshing perspective on self-acceptance and resilience. This track, featured in their newly released live album from their August 6, 2000, concert in Osaka, which hit the shelves on May 13, 2024, encourages listeners to embrace their flaws, take bold steps, and live life with full enthusiasm.

The album, capturing the essence of their vibrant performance at the 2000 Osaka concert, brings back the energetic and motivational spirit of Ulfuls. This live album release is a testament to their lasting impact on the Japanese music scene and a celebration of their dynamic stage presence. As they release this album, we propose an analysis of the song “Sore ga Kotae da!” (“それが答えだ!“) to delve into its enduring message and significance.

The song “Sore ga Kotae da!” (“それが答えだ!“) was originally released as a single on February 26, 1997. It was composed by Ulfuls’ lead vocalist, Tortoise Matsumoto, and has since become one of their signature tracks. This single release helped cement their place in the Japanese rock scene, showcasing their unique blend of energetic performance and motivational lyrics.

The song opens with a contemplation of feelings in the chest—sweet, bitter, and overwhelming emotions that many can relate to:

「あーなんて言うのかな この胸のもやもやは
甘い 苦い そしてグッとこみ上げる想い」
“Ah, how do I describe this feeling in my chest?
Sweet, bitter, and this overwhelming emotion”

This sets the stage for a journey of introspection and self-discovery. The lyrics lead to the emphatic declaration, “Sore ga Kotae da!” (“それが答えだ!“) (“That’s the answer!“). This phrase serves as a powerful reminder that the answers to life’s questions often lie within our own experiences and emotions.

As the song progresses, it touches on themes of resilience and determination:

「それが答えだ! エンヤコラ明日へ大爆走
それが答えだ! 足並みは快調」
“That’s the answer! Full throttle towards tomorrow
That’s the answer! In step and in sync”

These lines encourage a proactive and energetic approach to facing the future. This message is reinforced by the idea that even if one’s actions are forceful, there’s no need to worry. It’s a call to keep pushing forward despite obstacles.

Self-acceptance is another crucial theme in the song. Lyrics such as:

どんな青いケツでも いーじゃない いざ行こう」
“Stand tall and proud
Yes, take a firm step forward
No matter how naive you are, it’s fine, let’s go”

highlight the importance of embracing one’s imperfections. By acknowledging and accepting our flaws, we can move forward with greater confidence and authenticity.

The song also promotes living life to the fullest. It urges listeners to take bold steps, enjoy the present, and not be afraid of making mistakes:

げに しょーもないことも いーじゃない ドンとこい」
“Make more blunders
Learn to love yourself
Even the trivial things are fine, bring it on”

This positive, go-getter attitude is encapsulated in lines like “Eat a lot of food, laugh it off loudly,” suggesting that enjoying life’s simple pleasures is essential to finding happiness.

The repetitive and energetic chorus, “Sore ga Kotae da!” (“それが答えだ!“) (“That’s the answer!“) serves as an affirmation of the song’s core message:

“That’s the answer!
That’s the answer!
That’s the answer!
That’s the answer!”

It reinforces the idea that embracing life’s journey with confidence and enthusiasm is the key to happiness. The lively tempo and spirited delivery by Ulfuls amplify this motivational message, making the song an uplifting anthem for all.

In conclusion, “Sore ga Kotae da!” (“それが答えだ!“) by Ulfuls is more than just a song; it’s an inspirational guide to living a fulfilling life. It challenges us to accept our imperfections, take bold steps towards our future, and enjoy the journey with confidence and enthusiasm. The recent release of their live album from the 2000 Osaka concert only strengthens the song’s message and Ulfuls‘ enduring impact on their fans. So, the next time you face life’s challenges, remember Ulfuls’ empowering words: “That’s the answer!