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GANG PARADE Releases 50-Song Album Ahead of Nationwide Tour

GANG PARADE’s digital album “AVANTGARDE PARADE TOUR” was released today, May 22nd, 2024.

The album includes the new single “Pashogira / Yakudo / ROCK wo Tomeruna!!” and 50 songs that will be performed during the upcoming nationwide tour starting in June. Fans can enjoy this extensive collection to prepare for the live performances.

Tickets for the “AVANTGARDE PARADE TOUR” are available on Ticket Pia. Students can receive cash back by showing their student IDs.

The album “AVANTGARDE PARADE TOUR” by GANG PARADE is now available for streaming, featuring a diverse selection of tracks that fans can enjoy ahead of their much-anticipated nationwide tour starting next month. The tour will kick off on June 1st in Sapporo and continue through various cities including Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo, with performances scheduled in top venues across Japan.

This new release encompasses the tracks from their freshly launched single “Pashogira / Yakudo / ROCK wo Tomeruna!!” along with numerous fan-favorites and live staples, totaling an impressive 50 songs. It provides an excellent opportunity for fans to familiarize themselves with the setlist, ensuring they are ready to fully engage with the dynamic performances GANG PARADE is known for.

Tickets for the “AVANTGARDE PARADE TOUR” can be purchased through Ticket Pia. To make the concerts more accessible, there’s a special offer for students: upon presenting their student ID at the entrance, junior high school students will receive a 4,000 yen cash back, while high school students will get a 2,000 yen refund.

Here’s a glimpse of the tracks included in the album:

  1. Pashogira
  2. Yakudo
  3. ROCK wo Tomeruna!!
  4. Somnium
  5. Aishite
  6. Sayonara Metropolis
  7. Priority
  9. Anything Goes!!!!
  10. Exotic Animal
  11. Genkai Shoujo
  12. MELT
  13. Period (13SOUL ver.)
  14. Daiji na Uta (13SOUL ver.)
  15. Youth Song (13SOUL ver.)
  16. visions (13SOUL ver.)
  17. Kienai Mono (13SOUL ver.)
  18. Onegai (13SOUL ver.)
  19. Owaranai Tabi (13SOUL ver.)
  21. Yasashii Kaze ni Fukarete (13SOUL ver.)
  22. merry bad end (13SOUL ver.)
  23. Dear (13SOUL ver.)
  24. Sonnan ja Baby (13SOUL ver.)
  25. GORI GORI (13SOUL ver.)
  26. OK (13SOUL ver.)
  27. Rebirth (13SOUL ver.)
  28. Maji Kami (13SOUL ver.)
  29. Akachan (13SOUL ver.)
  30. FiX YOUR TEETH (13SOUL ver.)
  31. FAKE AND FANTASY (13SOUL ver.)
  32. Labyu (13SOUL ver.)
  33. Wake up Beat! (13SOUL ver.)
  34. Hontou ni Boku ga Ikita katta no wa konnan ja nee! (13SOUL ver.)
  35. Dreamer (13SOUL ver.)
  36. Jealousy Marionnette (13SOUL ver.)
  37. Message (13SOUL ver.)
  38. BOND (13SOUL ver.)
  39. GANG 2 (13SOUL ver.)
  40. Raileu (13SOUL ver.)
  41. Are you kidding? (13SOUL ver.)
  42. Beyond the Mountain (13SOUL ver.)
  43. Barely Last (13SOUL ver.)
  44. don’t forget me not (13SOUL ver.)
  45. who am I ? (13SOUL ver.)
  46. 3rd FLOOR BOYFRIEND (13SOUL ver.)
  47. NEON (13SOUL ver.)
  48. Alarm (13SOUL ver.)
  49. Torare sou (13SOUL ver.)
  50. too misery (13SOUL ver.)

The tour dates are as follows:

  • June 1: Sapporo PENNY LANE24, Hokkaido
  • June 8: THE BOTTOM LINE, Aichi
  • June 9: SOUND SHOWER ark, Shizuoka
  • June 15: BananaHall, Osaka
  • June 16: Shiga U★STONE, Shiga
  • June 21: Rensa, Miyagi
  • June 23: DRUM Be-1, Fukuoka
  • June 30: Yokohama Bay Hall, Kanagawa
  • July 8: LIQUIDROOM, Tokyo

Be sure to check out “AVANTGARDE PARADE TOUR” on your preferred streaming platform and get your tickets to experience GANG PARADE live!

Source: https://natalie.mu/music/news/574300