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Unveiling 230 New Japanese Music Releases: 2024, Week 21

Experience the Latest Sounds: 230 Fresh Tracks from Week 21 of 2024, Showcasing the Rich Spectrum of Japanese Music, Now Streaming Worldwide on Spotify!

Embark on an exhilarating musical journey this week with 230 new tracks covering J-Pop, J-Rock, Anisong, and more. Our carefully curated Spotify playlist is packed with fresh beats and dynamic sounds, guaranteed to captivate both longtime enthusiasts and those new to Japanese music. Dive into a diverse auditory landscape featuring both well-known artists and emerging talents.

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Featuring Artists Like:

  • Hikaru Utada – Indulge in the timeless and soulful voice of Hikaru Utada, bringing emotion and depth to her latest tracks.
  • Aimyon – Relish Aimyon’s sincere lyrics and catchy tunes that strike a chord with listeners globally.
  • XG – Explore XG’s cutting-edge blend of pop and R&B, offering a refreshing and innovative sound.
  • LiSA – Feel the high-energy and compelling vocals of LiSA, a standout in the Anisong genre.
  • natori – Discover natori’s unique fusion of contemporary pop with traditional Japanese elements.
  • Ryokuoushoku Shakai – Immerse yourself in the lively and dynamic soundscapes of Ryokuoushoku Shakai.
  • Ikimonogakari – Enjoy the uplifting and melodic tracks of Ikimonogakari, perfect for any mood.
  • MY FIRST STORY – Experience the intense energy and passion of MY FIRST STORY’s riveting rock songs.
  • MAISONdes – Groove to the eclectic and innovative sounds of MAISONdes.
  • WurtS – Let WurtS’s captivating beats and imaginative compositions take you on a musical adventure.
  • BURNOUT SYNDROMES – Feel the powerful and anthemic rock tunes of BURNOUT SYNDROMES.
  • HY – Savor the soothing and harmonious melodies of HY.
  • HYDE – Revel in the legendary HYDE’s impactful and emotive rock performances.
  • King & Prince – Get swept away by the polished and catchy pop tracks of King & Prince.
  • Daoko – Discover Daoko’s distinctive mix of electronic and hip-hop influences.
  • YOAKE – Dive into the innovative and fresh sounds of YOAKE.
  • Taeko Onuki – Enjoy the sophisticated and timeless tunes of Taeko Onuki.
  • DAZBEE – Experience the powerful and emotive vocals of DAZBEE in her latest releases.
  • Gesu No Kiwami Otome – Explore the exciting and genre-blending music of Gesu No Kiwami Otome.
  • Sasuke Haraguchi – Indulge in the intricate and captivating compositions of Sasuke Haraguchi.
  • ClariS – Delight in the magical and enchanting melodies of ClariS.
  • Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi – Feel the deep and resonant acoustic performances of Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi.
  • Leo Ieiri – Let Leo Ieiri’s soulful voice and poignant lyrics captivate your heart.

Don’t miss out on these artists and many more in this week’s playlist. Celebrate the diverse and vibrant musical landscape of Japan and discover your new favorite tracks today!