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Sheena Ringo’s New Album Featuring Utada Hikaru and Perfume’s Nocchi

Sheena Ringo’s new album “Hōjōya” is set to release on May 29. Featuring collaborations with Utada Hikaru, AI, Perfume’s Nocchi, and others, the album also includes reimagined singles and new tracks.

Sheena Ringo is set to release her highly anticipated album “Hōjōya” on May 29. Known for her innovative approach to music, Ringo has once again pushed the boundaries by featuring an impressive lineup of female artists. The album boasts collaborations with renowned names such as Utada Hikaru, AI, Perfume‘s Nocchi, Momo from Charan-Po-Rantan, Daoko, and the group Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders. This marks the first solo vocal endeavor for a member of Perfume, highlighting the album’s unique appeal.

In “Hōjōya,” fans will find a mix of new tracks and “new testament” versions of previous singles, including “Watashi wa Neko no Me,” “Saraba Junjō,” and “Ito o Kashi.” The latest single “Ningen Toshite” is also featured, offering listeners a comprehensive experience of Ringo‘s evolving artistry. Notable musicians such as drummer Shun Ishiwaka and bassist Keisuke Torigoe participated in the recording sessions, adding to the album’s rich sound.

Ahead of the album release, seven tracks featuring the “seven songstresses” were made available for streaming on May 27. A dedicated website provides insights into these collaborations, along with official liner notes and information about in-store campaigns. Additionally, six new music videos directed by Yuichi Kodama will premiere on YouTube starting at midnight on May 28.

Sheena Ringo is also returning to the stage with her first arena tour in six years, titled “(Nama) Ringo Haku ’24 – Keiki no Kaifuku.” The tour will begin on October 5 in Aomori and include ten performances across seven venues nationwide, concluding on December 15 in Fukuoka.

Tracklist for “Hōjōya”

  1. Chirinaru wo / Sheena Ringo and Ikkyu Nakajima (tricot, Genie High)
  2. Watashi wa Neko no Me (album ver.)
  3. Seija no Koshin / Sheena Ringo and AI
  4. Ningen Toshite
  5. Hatsuko Kachi / Sheena Ringo and Nocchi (Perfume)
  6. Kōzen no Himitsu (album ver.)
  7. Rōman to Sanban TYO (album ver.) / Sheena Ringo and Utada Hikaru
  8. Bōzen mo Jishitsu
  9. Dora 1 Dokusō / Sheena Ringo and Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders
  10. Saraba Junjō (album ver.)
  11. Yoyū no Gaisen / Sheena Ringo and Daoko
  12. Ito o Kashi (album ver.)
  13. Hobo Mizu no Awa / Sheena Ringo and Momo (Charan-Po-Rantan)

“(Nama) Ringo Haku ’24 – Keiki no Kaifuku” Tour Dates

  • October 5: Aomori, Seiun Hall Arena
  • October 20: Niigata, Toki Messe Niigata Convention Center
  • October 29 & 30: Osaka, Osaka Castle Hall
  • November 7: Shizuoka, Ecopa Arena
  • November 21, 23 & 24: Saitama, Saitama Super Arena
  • November 30: Fukui, Sundome Fukui
  • December 15: Fukuoka, Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall A

The release of “Hōjōya” and the upcoming tour promise to be significant events for fans of Sheena Ringo, showcasing her continual evolution as an artist and her dedication to creating groundbreaking music.

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