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THE ALFEE Celebrates 50th Anniversary with New Double A-Side Single

Marking their 50th anniversary, THE ALFEE releases a new double A-side single, “KO. DA. MA. / Romance Descended on the Night,” on July 24. This milestone single features two contrasting tracks and comes in four editions.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of THE ALFEE, one of Japan’s iconic music bands. To celebrate this remarkable milestone, THE ALFEE will release a new double A-side single, “KO. DA. MA. / Romance Descended on the Night,” on July 24. The single will be available in four different editions, each featuring unique cover designs and bonus tracks, offering fans a variety of ways to enjoy this new release.

KO. DA. MA.,” one of the title tracks, serves as the ending theme for the TV anime “Shinkalion: Change the World.” This track is a metal number rich with the band’s signature beautiful melodies and intricate three-part harmonies, showcasing THE ALFEE‘s classic sound. On the flip side, “Romance Descended on the Night” is a melodious pop tune recently featured as the theme song for the Fuji TV drama “Lonely Heart, Feelings ‘…FINAL’” starring Sanma Akashiya. These contrasting tracks provide a comprehensive glimpse into THE ALFEE‘s latest musical explorations.

In addition to the single, THE ALFEE will release a best album titled “THE ALFEE 50 Selection 1974-1996” on August 16 through Pony Canyon. Curated by lead vocalist and guitarist Toshihiko Takamizawa, this compilation will include four CDs packed with the band’s most beloved tracks from their early years.

THE ALFEE “KO. DA. MA. / Romance Descended on the Night” Tracklist:

  • KO. DA. MA.
  • Romance Descended on the Night
  • Bonus Track (TBD)

Fans and music enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing the timeless charm and evolving sound of THE ALFEE as they celebrate five decades of musical excellence.

Source: https://natalie.mu/music/news/575110