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The Birthday to Release Final Tour Recording of Late Yusuke Chiba

The Birthday announces the release of “LIVE AT NAKANO SUNPLAZA 2022 ‘GO WEST.YOUNGMAN'” on July 10. This live Blu-ray and vinyl album commemorate the last tour of late vocalist Yusuke Chiba. The release includes three formats and additional EPs.

The Birthday is set to release a live Blu-ray and vinyl album titled “LIVE AT NAKANO SUNPLAZA 2022 ‘GO WEST.YOUNGMAN’” on July 10, which marks the birthday of their late vocalist and guitarist, Yusuke Chiba. This significant release captures the essence of Chiba’s final performances during his last tour before his passing in November 2022.

In April 2022, Yusuke Chiba publicly announced his battle with esophageal cancer and subsequently took a hiatus to focus on treatment. Despite his courageous fight, Chiba passed away in November of the same year. The upcoming release documents the Tokyo Nakano Sunplaza Hall concert from December 8, part of the “The Birthday TOUR 2022 ‘GO WEST.YOUNGMAN’” tour, making it a poignant tribute to his enduring legacy.

The release will be available in three formats: a standalone Blu-ray, a vinyl album, and a limited edition box set that includes both the Blu-ray and vinyl album along with a photobook. This comprehensive package offers fans a chance to experience Chiba‘s final tour in multiple ways, ensuring his musical spirit lives on.

Additionally, The Birthday will be releasing vinyl versions of their EPs “Echoes of the Moonlit Night ep.” (“月夜の残響 ep.“) from December 2022 and “April” from April 2024. These will also be available starting July 10, further enriching the offerings for fans and collectors alike.

This release not only commemorates Yusuke Chiba‘s remarkable contribution to Japanese music but also offers a heartfelt farewell to an artist whose influence will continue to resonate with fans worldwide.