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Discover 324 New Japanese Music Releases: 2024, Week 22

Immerse Yourself in the Latest Tracks: 230 New Releases from Week 22 of 2024, Highlighting the Vibrant Spectrum of Japanese Music, Now Available for Streaming Worldwide on Spotify!

Set out on an exciting musical adventure this week with 324 new tracks spanning J-Pop, J-Rock, Anisong, and more. Our expertly curated Spotify playlist is brimming with fresh rhythms and dynamic sounds, sure to captivate both seasoned fans and newcomers to Japanese music. Explore a diverse auditory landscape featuring both renowned artists and emerging talents.

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Featuring Artists Like:

  • Yorushika – Experience the emotive and poetic lyrics of Yorushika, bringing a blend of nostalgia and innovation.
  • Kenshi Yonezu – Dive into Kenshi Yonezu’s unique fusion of pop and rock, delivering powerful and thought-provoking songs.
  • Number_i – Discover the experimental and eclectic sounds of Number_i, pushing the boundaries of contemporary music.
  • Macaroni Empitsu – Enjoy the energetic and catchy melodies of Macaroni Empitsu, a rising star in the J-Pop scene.
  • BAD HOP – Feel the intense and rhythmic beats of BAD HOP, bringing a fresh perspective to Japanese hip-hop.
  • JO1 – Get swept away by the polished and vibrant pop tracks of JO1, capturing the essence of modern J-Pop.
  • Sheena Ringo – Indulge in the avant-garde and eclectic compositions of Sheena Ringo, a true icon in the Japanese music industry.
  • Marcy – Savor the soulful and heartfelt performances of Marcy, bringing depth and emotion to her latest releases.
  • asmi – Discover asmi’s innovative blend of pop and electronic music, creating a unique auditory experience.
  • HY – Immerse yourself in the soothing and harmonious tunes of HY, perfect for any occasion.
  • GLAY – Experience the powerful and anthemic rock sounds of GLAY, a legendary band in the Japanese music scene.
  • SID – Feel the intense energy and passion of SID’s riveting rock songs.
  • Nozomi Kitay – Enjoy the melodic and uplifting tracks of Nozomi Kitay, capturing the spirit of modern pop.
  • ayaka – Let ayaka’s soulful voice and poignant lyrics touch your heart.
  • miwa – Delight in the bright and catchy tunes of miwa, a staple in the J-Pop genre.
  • THE YELLOW MONKEY – Revel in the legendary rock performances of THE YELLOW MONKEY.
  • IMP. – Explore the innovative and fresh sounds of IMP., bringing a new wave to the music scene.
  • Tele – Dive into Tele’s unique and captivating musical compositions.
  • FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE – Groove to the dynamic and eclectic sounds of FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE.
  • NANAOAKARI – Feel the energetic and compelling beats of NANAOAKARI’s latest tracks.
  • Kroi – Enjoy the genre-blending and innovative music of Kroi, pushing the boundaries of contemporary sound.
  • K.E.I – Indulge in the intricate and captivating compositions of K.E.I.
  • Mahiru – Savor the emotive and powerful performances of Mahiru, bringing a fresh voice to the scene.

Don’t miss out on these artists and many more in this week’s playlist. Celebrate the diverse and vibrant musical landscape of Japan and discover your new favorite tracks today!