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DÉ DÉ MOUSE and Saisuke Haraguchi Form New Unit, Release Bubble-Inspired Single

DÉ DÉ MOUSE and Saisuke Haraguchi have created a new unit, FM TOWNS, and released their first single “Pastel☆Night” on June 19. The unit blends post-future funk and post-vaporwave, capturing the essence of bubble culture with a refreshing city pop sound.

DÉ DÉ MOUSE and Saisuke Haraguchi have joined forces to form a new unit named FM TOWNS. Known for their previous collaborations, the duo has released their debut single, “Pastel☆Night,” on June 19, embracing the vibrant and nostalgic bubble culture.

FM TOWNS is a unique blend of post-future funk and post-vaporwave, genres that perfectly capture the essence of 1980s bubble culture. Their debut track, “Pastel☆Night,” features a duet with 15-year-old singer Neine and Haraguchi, set against a machine disco beat. The lyrics evoke the early 2000s internet era, combined with a refreshing melody that makes this city pop number a standout.

In addition to the main track, the single includes an original version, “Pastel Night,” which mimics the sound quality of a cassette tape recorded from an FM radio. This nostalgic touch adds depth to the bubble-inspired theme. The single’s cover art was created by illustrator Natsumi Sato, adding a visual appeal that complements the music.

A lyric video for “Pastel☆Night” is currently available on YouTube, providing fans with a visual and auditory experience of FM TOWNS‘ unique sound.

Tracklist for FM TOWNS’ “Pastel☆Night”:

  1. パステル☆Night (Pastel☆Night)
  2. ~Pastel Night~

FM TOWNS‘ innovative approach and nostalgic vibes are set to make a significant impact on the Japanese music scene. Don’t miss out on this refreshing city pop experience.

Source: https://natalie.mu/music/news/578361