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Kenshi Yonezu Announces New Album “LOST CORNER” After Four Years

Kenshi Yonezu is set to release his highly anticipated 6th album, “LOST CORNER,” on August 21. This marks his first album in four years since “STRAY SHEEP.” The album features themes from popular movies, TV shows, and games, and will be available in multiple editions.

Kenshi Yonezu, the acclaimed Japanese musician, has announced the release of his 6th studio album, titled “LOST CORNER.” This new album is set to hit the shelves on August 21, marking his first album release in four years since the highly successful “STRAY SHEEP” in 2020.

LOST CORNER” promises an exciting mix of songs that have already gained popularity through various media. It includes “Sayonara Mata Itsuka!” the theme for the NHK drama “Tora ni Tsubasa,” and “Garaku-ta,” the theme song for the summer blockbuster “Last Mile.” Fans can also look forward to “Chikyugi,” from the film “How Do You Live?” and “Tsuki wo Miteita,” the theme for the game “FINAL FANTASY XVI.” Additionally, the album features “LADY” and “Mainichi,” both popularized through Georgia coffee commercials, “KICK BACK,” the opening theme for the anime “Chainsaw Man,” and “M87,” the main theme for the movie “Shin Ultraman.” Other notable tracks include “POP SONG,” featured in PlayStation commercials, and “Pale Blue,” the theme song for the TV drama “Rikokatsu.”

LOST CORNER” will be released in four different formats: a special edition with exclusive merchandise, a limited edition with a Blu-ray or DVD, and a regular edition. Pre-orders for all editions are available starting June 21, at various retailers including CDJapan.

Tracklist for Kenshi Yonezu’s “LOST CORNER”:

  • Sayonara Mata Itsuka!
  • Garaku-ta
  • Chikyugi
  • Tsuki wo Miteita
  • M87
  • Pale Blue
  • Mainichi
  • LADY
    And more

This album is set to be a major event in the Japanese music scene, reflecting Kenshi Yonezu‘s continued influence and creative evolution. Fans eagerly await the new release, anticipating another masterpiece from this multi-talented artist.